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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Red Tent

Customer Review: It could have been a SUPERB film!
This film could have deserved a big 5 Star rating, but the "love story" and the clumsy flashback framework kept me from giving it the fith star, I wish I could've, but anyhow I enjoyed it inmensely. How come none of the friends that I have mentioned this film to have never heard about it? What a shame!
Customer Review: How to tell a extraordinary history
Simply a extraordinary DVD, that tells us a lot of the human nature. Not only for the history, althoug not always fi to the real facts, but the focus on the personal dramas that could have been happend is the point: what would have been thought, felt and done if you have been in the place of that men? How about to wear the shoes of those peoples? The movie brings you to that questions.

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary (or yearly celebration) that occurs on the month and day of the wedding ceremony. The 25th and 50th anniversaries are the most often celebrated anniversaries. These celebrations often include family gatherings.

Specific types of gifts are traditionally associated with many of the yearly anniversaries, and gifts for the first five anniversaries are a great way to help a newly married couple celebrate. In general, there are two types of gifts associated with each anniversary - a traditional gift and a modern gift. Below is a list of the traditional and modern gifts given for the first five anniversaries, along with some ideas for each.

One Year:

Paper (Traditional) / Clocks (Modern)

For paper, stationary with the family name printed on it is a good idea. Photographs may be another. Creative baskets filled with various paper gifts (like cards, gift certificates, etc.) can create a unique and personal gift idea.

Clocks are the modern choice for the first anniversary. With a seemingly endless assortment of clocks available, you have many to choose from. Engraving the anniversary date is a nice touch.

Two years:

Cotton (Traditional) / China (Modern)

Cotton bed sheets may be one of the first items to come to mind, but there are also many other items made from cotton. For instance, terrycloth towels and bathrobes are made of cotton, as are denim and corduroy. Again, a gift basket of items that include cotton could be a unique and personal gift idea. Choose items that relate to hobbies or interests shared by the couple. A few items that include cotton are books (book bindings include cotton), coffee filters, and tents.

China isnt just for dishes. An oriental gift basket or a set of Chinese herbs and teas can make an original gift idea.

Three years:

Leather (Traditional) / Crystal, glass (Modern}

Leather items can include watches, luggage, leather-bound books, jackets and shoes.

For the modern gift, crystal and glass can be found in many items, such as photo frames, dishes, light fixtures, televisions, windows, art pieces, dishes, clocks, computers and jewelry. Again, customize or engrave items to make them personal and choose items that can be related to the couples interests.

Four years:

Linen, Fruit or Flowers (Traditional) / Appliances or electrical gifts (Modern)

Tablecloths or sheets make great linen purchases for a gift. Baskets of flowers or fruits are suitable traditional gifts for this anniversary, too. In addition, memberships for monthly flower or fruit clubs are a great idea for this gift. Items decorated with fruit or flowers can be easily found for gift ideas.

Electrical appliances can range from dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. to smaller items like travel coffee mugs, blenders and food processors. Even assorted items related to cooking appliances can be given for this modern gift.

Five years:

Wood (Traditional) / Silverware (Modern)

Wood can be found in a countless amount of items. A few good traditional ideas for this anniversary would be coffee tables, coat racks, or perhaps a welcome sign with the couples name printed on it. Many household items have wood accents and hand-carved wooden objects can be elegant, personal gifts.

Silverware can be fairly straightforward as a gift, but you can also consider other items that contain silver, like jewelry, various collectibles, coins, musical instruments, kitchen utensils or cookware, and mirrors.

The focus of wedding anniversaries and wedding anniversary gifts is to celebrate the union of two people. Be sure to keep those two people in mind when choosing your gift. A personal gift is sure to be loved and appreciated.

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