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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Columbia Cougar Flats Six to Eight-Person Two-Room Cabin Tent

HOME FOR SALE: Columbia Cougar Flats 2-Room 15 x 10' Composite Cabin Dome comfortably sleeps 6-8. This is the one. Enjoy the Great Outdoors 3-4 seasons in this gorgeous Columbia® Cougar Flats Dome. It's a spacious 2 room home that sleeps up to 8 happy campers. The hybrid fiberglass and steel frame is tough and stable. The removable room divider clips in or out to create 1 large or 2 separate rooms. For storage, an oxford nylon carry bag is tough and durable, complete with wheels for roll-about convenience. Count 'em. Six large tent windows. Plus additional roof and side venting options provide cool air circulation. Sure, they can be closed for privacy and rain protection. More: Woven reflective zipper pull; Six 19 mm steel poles, two 16 mm steel poles, two 12 1/2 mm fiberglass poles, tow 9 1/2 mm fiberglass poles and two 6 1/2 mm fiberglass poles; 1,200 mm double coated fly; Sealed seams; Polyethylene tub floor; Hanging gear loft; Clean Sweep (inside webbing to sweep out dirt); GoBe Dry ultimate rain protection system; Cyclone Venting System creates a vortex of ventilation to exhaust hot air up and out the roof; 2 hanging cup holders; Remote controlled light; 2 rooms, 4 doors, 2 organizer pockets, 2 bay windows Hanging shelf unit; Quick-release buckle system; 86" center height, weighs 54 lbs. This Tent is super! Order Today! Please Note: This is a Heavy / Bulky item. $10.00 for heavy / bulky shipping and handling will be charged in addition to regular shipping
Customer Review: Great for Family Camping
I have used this tent twice so far, once in the Texas hill country and Big Bend National Park. The tent offers plenty of room for my family of five. Even with everyone inside there is room for board games and other indoor activites. The windows are huge and offer a teriffic view of the countryside. The tent is heavy so don't even think about taking it too far from the car. Now I know why the carrier case comes with rollers.
Customer Review: Great tent, but look out for high winds
used this tent for the first time last week! lots of room, pretty easy to set up, was in MOAB Utah rock crawling for a week, tent was great had all my gear neatly in the tent lots of room, woke up to some wind on tuesday morning, checked all the stakes, and tie down lines, and went wheeling, when hours out on the trail the winds really picked up, by the time got back to the KOA, it was late eve, and the tent was trashed rain fly was shredded, tie down lines were riped from the tent, pretty much the rain fly took the bulk of dammage, 2 holes and one broken pole in tent... watch out in high winds bigger the tent the more she wants to go flying! hopefull i can get a new rain fly and a pole, they said got over 50 mph gusts...

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