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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adventure Playzone

Customer Review: Toddler's Paradise
I purchased this for my 18 month old nephew & he absolutly loves it!!! He plays in it daily. He is full of energy & this is one of the greatest items for those cold winter or rainy spring days when you can't get outside to exercise!!! It is easy to set up and take down & wonderful on space when you want to pack it up to go to Grandma's or even a hotel. It's lightweight & colorful and you must get one for your energetic little one!
Customer Review: Great toy, not expensive!
Great toy, I just bought it, it is long, fun, not dificult to set up, there is not much to set up really, comes ready!, my baby likes it very much, great toy for a great price!!

You Can Save Big With Used Camping Gear

Taking your family on a camping trip has become increasingly more popular over the years. It's a great way to spend quality time with your entire family and at the same time, share the kinds of challenges with your loved ones that no ordinary resort-hotel vacation can offer.

However, without the proper quality camping equipment, the camping vacation that you and your family have been looking forward to can be a disaster. Spending time in the outdoors requires equipment that you must be able to count on in almost any type of environment or unexpected weather event.

Of course, our family budgets do not always allow us to get the kind of quality gear to assure the safety our families need to be comfortable and enjoy a camping trip. If that is the situation that you find yourself in, you should turn your attention to the huge savings that you can find when you are able to purchase used camping gear.

Where To Find Great Used Gear

Perhaps the best place to grab some terrific bargains are yard, garage and tag sales. Of course, many times, what you'll find will be worn and damaged, and of course, should not even be considered. However, almost as often, you may find quality equipment that is in excellent condition. Since it's being sold at tag or yard sale, it's obvious that the family has no need for the gear, putting you in a powerful bargaining position. More often then not, the space that the camping gear takes up is far more valuable to the family then the gear itself. Generally speaking there are two reasons that you will find great gear at such an event.

The first reason is truly a case of one families mistake, being your families good fortune. Every year, many families decide that a camping trip would make for a great family vacation. But, the reality for that family turned out to be far from what they envisioned. Not every family is suited to this type of vacation and the gear they purchased is truly close to new. If you are fortunate enough to come across this type of situation, you'll be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars.

The second most common reason is somewhat the opposite. Camping is usually something enjoyed by young families. Often times, when a family sees that they will most likely not be camping anymore, they decide to sell their used gear. Of course, in this case the gear is much older and more worn then the previous example. However, if the family had been avid campers over the years, they probably invested in high quality gear designed to last for many years.

Buying What You Need

Just because something is a bargain, it can still be a waste of money if it's something that you don't really need. You may find great buys on fishing gear, but if you're planning camping trips in State Parks where there are no bodies of water, there is no need to buy this gear. Don't let sellers bully you into selling their gear as a package deal.

The Advantages And Pitfalls

Regardless of the reasons, you should take great care inspecting the condition of the gear. Look for quality name brand gear. If you're buying used equipment to save money, you should not risk off brand products that if used will most likely lead to problems. There is another reason people sell their camping gear. That reason being that it lacks the quality they had hoped for. Be careful, don't let their problem become yours. A good rule of thumb is to never buy a piece of used camping gear unless it's a well known brand name.

http://www.campingforfamilies.com is an online resource focusing on camping and outdoor activities as a family vacation. You'll find information about new developments in camping gear technology, safety equipment, how to handle emergencies, as well as tips for first time campers. The site is frequently updated with information about camping facilities around the USA. Every month a new state is featured with links to state parks and other environmental websites.


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